It's Over, It's Over, It's O-o-over! (Sing it, Roy.)

Inktober, that is. An entire month of drawing, painting, and playing with ink. I put my day job (writing) on hold and devoted every single working minute to art. And to think that before the end of September, I'd never even heard of Inktober. It was Facebook friend, Wendy Whittingham, who introduced me to the challenge and encouraged me to take part.

So, was it worth it?

Well, let's see ...

1. By the very nature of the challenge I was forced to work with a medium I'm not all that comfortable with, so naturally my skills improved, including my ink washes, which I explored for the first time.

2. I became quicker at drawing and more accurate.

3. I had to think outside the box, The daily word prompts forced me to tackle subjects I would never have taken on otherwise, which proved to me that art offered a larger scope of possibilities than I had previously explored.

4. About halfway through I started to appreciate each drawing for what it was -- practice, decent line work, a step forward with inking, a nice mix of colour and ink -- whatever. The pieces didn't have to be polished finished works, just another step on the art ladder.

5. I got to see the work of others, and that in itself was inspirational. So so many talented artists out there, who took far different approaches to the challenge. A definite eye-opener for me. So much so, in fact, that I checked out those people's works on other sites.

6. I was inspired to join two other art groups, which are already proving helpful with my water colour painting and my love of portraiture.

7. In addition to my daily sketches, I took on other larger projects: a portrait of a black lab done in white ink on black mat board; a water colour/ink painting that combines with a photo editing program to give it a surreal look; and a water colour/brown and black ink wash skyline;




My biggest achievement though, was tackling a daisy patch. It was so detailed, the painting of it unnerved me, but I told myself it was just paper and paint, and away I went. I'm so glad I did.

8. Perhaps the biggest benefit of taking part in Inktober was the way it has rekindled my passion for art. Though the month has come to an end, and I need to get back to writing, I don't want to stop doing art. I have several ideas for paintings and drawings floating through my mind, I have techniques I want to try -- detailed cross-hatching and wet on wet water colour, to name two. I have signed up for an art course focused on the mixing and application of paint. You would think I might know that already, but I truly don't. If I get things right, it's more by accident than intention. And I want to develop a series of illustrations around Eddy the Emu. He really needs to find himself in a book.

So will I take part in Inktober again next year? Oh, yeah, but I'll probably up the ante and impose an additional challenge for myself.

But for this year, Inktober is over. Tomorrow marks the beginning of November -- Movember for many. So if you'll excuse me, I must get to work on my mustache.




Reader Comments (2)

I loved seeing all your wonderful creations! :-)

So much fun to play and learn and challenge ourselves in new areas. Good stuff!

November 1, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterShari

Thanks, Shari. Though it was a whole month away from writing, I think it was worthwhile. And perhaps a change is as good as a rest.

November 1, 2017 | Unregistered Commenterkristin

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