Author Visits

Though I spend the bulk of my time in front of a computer screen these days, I still like to get out into the real world now and again. It gives me a chance to wear something other than sweats! But more importantly, it provides me with an opportunity to talk with the people who read my books, and that's the best battery-charger there is.

I enjoy talking about the writing process and reading my work to audiences but, because I was a teacher for so long, I also like to conduct workshops for kids -- and teachers!


What People are Saying

"You talked to the students' level, told stories and jokes, and gave real information on being a writer. Well done!"  (Pat Moss -- Central School - Victoria, BC)

 "Kristin Butcher's one hour presentation was the consummate children's author event. She connected easily with the 60 Grade 4 & 5 students in a friendly yet professional manner. A memorable event on many levels to be sure." (Pat Miller -- Prospect Lake School - Victoria, BC)


"Liked the use of props and use of questions. You generated a lot of interest in your books." (Pauline Haines -- Penfield School - Campbell River, BC)

"Kristin captivated their attention through effective storytelling and humour. Students were engaged throughout her presentation. Kristin’s presentation included information about her books, how and where she got ideas to write and details about the writing process. The format she chose for her presentation was perfect for middle school, as she peaked students’ interests in topics, and left them wanting more." (Robyn Sweet -- Queen Elizabeth School - Moncton, NB)

"Excellent Presentation. You were encouraging, motivating, and knowledgeable. I will be able to use your ideas immediately." (Michelle Steevas -- Teacher Inservice - Chemainus, BC)

"Kristin had the children so enthused about her topic. They eagerly asked questions and shared their knowledge. Her personal stories helped to connect her to the audience." (Shannon Curtis -- Sidney Elementary School - Sidney, BC)


Writing Talks

If you want a presentation focusing on various aspects of the publishing industry, allow me to lure your students into my books and then share my experiences as a writer. They will learn things like how a book gets published, where writers get their ideas, what an editor does, and who draws the book covers.

I also have talks geared for specific novels -- for example I share an heirloom chest of ideas when I talk about The Gramma War, while my presentation for Zee's Way is built around graffiti.

For audiences wishing a talk on specific aspects of writing, I offer a presentation that looks at books as mirrors, in as much as their content reflects the author, the act of writing itself is a reflective process, and the reader's reaction to the finished product reflects their own life experiences.

Sometimes I am asked to gear a talk to a specific topic, and that is fine too.


Workshops for Students

The range of topics is endless: writing conversation; the all-purpose essay; the art of oral storytelling; recipe for a short story; writing effective description; narrative -- how to show and not tell; point of view and voice; choosing words, creating realistic characters ...

I've taught English and language arts to grades 4 through 12. What do you need?


Writer in Residence Program

Workshops are great for addressing a particular writing skill, but sometimes teachers want to tackle larger writing projects. Planning on publishing a class set of stories? Hoping to write and produce a class play? Want to explore the fable/folklore genre? Your students can write their own and use the product to perfect the art of story-telling.

If so, you might want to take advantage of the Writer in Residence package. In this program I visit your classroom at scheduled times throughout the project to guide students through each stage of the writing process. I introduce a step, allow the necessary time for teachers to guide students through it, then return to show them what comes next. This continues until the project is complete and students have a finished product. Students learn, teachers learn, and everybody has fun.




My fee is $250 for a 40 - 60 minute presentation plus GST (and expenses if travel is involved). A full day (a maximum of 3 sessions) costs $650. This may seem steep, but it is actually on the low end of the rate schedule suggested by CANSCAIP, and in fact, if you consider the cost on a per student basis, a presentation for 60 students breaks down to a mere $4.00 per student -- an amount I'm certain most families would be happy to assist with if school funds are limited. Since parents are more than welcome to sit in on my sessions too, they can personally judge the value of their investment. Fees for Writer in Residence program vary according to the number of visits.


To book a presentation or for more information please contact me.