At the moment I’m gearing up for two major launches of my new book, Isobel’s Stanley Cup. The first is on October 1st—the book’s birthday! How perfect is that! The second is on October 6th at the Nanaimo Ice Centre as part of the festivities for the Girls’ World Hockey Jamboree taking place that weekend. Since my book is about a girl playing hockey, this is the perfect venue.

Because I am trying to integrate the various creative parts of my life, I have done a painting of a pair of vintage skates (they belonged to my husband and to his mother before him), and at each of the launches I shall be giving away a signed print of the painting. This is about as close as I’m ever going to get to multi-tasking.

Yesterday I heard back from the editor for a book coming out in 2019 (a teen novel titled Girls Like Me), and it looks like we’re finished with substantive edits. Phew! The manuscript is now off to the copy editor, so there’s nothing more I can do on that front for the moment.

Even so, I should be writing. My critique group meets on Wednesday, and I have nothing new to submit. And I have a sneaking suspicion that’s not going to change, because — in addition to prepping for the book launches, my husband and I are renovating our kitchen. If nothing else, we have good timing — he’s an avid fisherman and its coho season, and I’m up to my ears in other projects. AND the NHL pre-season is underway.

So, enough chatting. I have countertops to choose and book launch trivia questions to come up with. And after that, of course, it will be time for Hockey Night in Canada.

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