Stone Hopping

Oh my goodness … how can it possibly be four months since I last wrote in my blog? I haven’t been hibernating (though we have had snow), but I have been—and still am—extremely busy. According to the date on my birth certificate, I’m retired, but I beg to differ.

Since my last blog, I have completed twelve chapters in my new novel—twelve chapters that I am extremely pleased with. I also took on a short-term writing assignment with a US publisher for about five weeks—creating teachers’ guides for books that other authors wrote. And now I am working on some illustrations for a picture book for a self-published author.

My neighbour, who runs a cat hotel is hounding me (oh, bad pun) for ads to commission pet artwork. Yes, I shall also get to that soon … I think.

And I really should be composing my presentations for CCBC TD Children’s Book Week coming up in May.

I’m not even going to talk about the spring cleaning I need to do.

The saying goes that if you want something done, ask a busy person. Okay, people, that would be me. What have you got?