Turning Up the Heat

It’s a little under a month until I leave for TD Canadian Children’s Book Week, so now I’m starting to sweat. It’s not that I’m uneasy about travelling. In fact, I’m really looking forward to visiting Ottawa and London. It’s not that I’m apprehensive about speaking to rooms full of kids either. I’m not. I was a teacher for almost twenty years, and I’ve visited many, many classrooms and libraries as a writer. And it’s not that I’m not prepared. I know what I want to say. Now it’s just a matter of compiling a slide presentation to accompany my words. That should take less than a day. So as far as my presentations go, I’m good.

Visiting a school in Prince Rupert.

Visiting a school in Prince Rupert.

It’s all the other stuff I have to do before I leave that has me chasing my tail. I have to do my quarterly GST report. I’ve got assorted paperwork to attend to. I have illustrations to do for a picture book. I have out-of-town friends to spend time with. I have bookmarks to design and get printed — and then sign. 1000 of them! I need to buy a spring coat and good walking shoes. I need to contact schools to ensure they will have books for students to buy — and for me to autograph (if they plan on going that route.) I need to gather together my visual aids and figure out what clothes to pack. And I need a new mascara and eyebrow thingy!

I’m not generally a list maker, but I think right now a list is exactly what I need.

Now where’s my pen …