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Isobel's Stanley Cup

Crwth Press

A perennial favourite, this chapter book for early readers is set in the early 1890s and follows nine-year-old Isobel as she tries to convince her father she should be allowed to play hockey, proving hockey has always been a sport for girls.

2019 CCBC Best Books for Kids and Teens

The Seer Trilogy

Crwth Press

This 3-book middle-grade fantasy is set in 10th century Druid Ireland. When 13-year-old Maeve discovers she is a seer, she suddenly finds herself travelling a dangerous path to uncover her past, hone her divination skills, and  save the kingdom -- if she is brave enough. 

Best Books for Kids & Teens

Coming November 15th!

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Closer to Far Away

Red Deer Press

This historical middle-grade novel is about Lucy May Barber, a 13-year-old girl in rural Saskatchewan during prohibition. The story focuses on a family tragedy, bootlegging, strained relationships, and the power of love.

Look for it in your favourite bookstore November 15, 2024.

Return to Bone Tree Hill

Thistledown Press

Did Jessica murder one of her playmates, a troubled boy named Charlie, when she was twelve years old? Disturbed by a recurring dream and needing to clear her conscience, 18-year-old Jessica returns to her old hometown and the site of the possible crime in order to discover the truth.

An OLA Best Bet Book and Sheila Egoff Award finalist.

The Zach & Zoe Series

Lorimer & Company

Join 10-year-old twins, Zach & Zoe as they solve mysteries and embark on exciting adventures.

CCBC Best Bets Book; Diamond Willow, Hackmatack, and Red Cedar finalist; Chocolate Lily Award Winner

The Gramma War

Orca Book Publishers

Everything is going well in eleven-year-old Annie's ordered life--until she finds out that her ailing grandmother is coming to live with the family. A virtual stranger, her grandmother takes over Annie's room, smokes in the house, runs her mother ragged and turns Annie's whole world on end. Annie fights to stay afloat as her problems, both at home and at school, multiply.


OLA Best Bet Book and CLA Book of the Year Notable 

Cairo Kelly & the Mann

Orca Book Publishers

Pitched perfectly at boys aged 10-14, Cairo Kelly and the Mann tells the story of two kids who love and respect their favourite umpire almost as much as they love baseball. When “the Mann” is removed from the Umpires’ Association after his refusal to write a test proving the skills he has honed over 20 years of umping, Midge and Kelly struggle with issues of fairness, pride and standing one’s ground. (Lisa Dalrymple)

OLA Best Bet Book; MYRCA and Chocolate Lily finalist.

The Runaways

Kids Can Press

What could a 12-year-old from a respectable family possibly have in common with an angry old man who lives on the streets? In spite of their differences, Nick and Luther begin to like and, more surprising, respect each other. But Luther has a secret. As their friendship unfolds, Nick discovers they are both runaways. And they have to help each other to stop running.

Silver Birch Regional Winner

The Sam Books

Dundurn Press

In Truths I Learned From Sam, a summer that had doom written all over it turns into one of the best times on Dani's Life. In a story about relationships and about how bad things happen to good people Dani discovers that sometimes the only villain is life itself. In Search of Sam finds Dani trying to pick up the pieces and make sense of them.

Snow Willow Award finalist; Best Books for Kids & Teens

Biographies for New Readers

Pearson Educational Publishers

Biographies about influential people in Canada's past written at an accessible level for beginning readers.

The Last Superhero

Dundurn Press

Jas is a grade 7 student trying to complete a project he hopes will win him a place at an elite summer art camp. But Wren, an eccentric classmate, bent on avenging the victims of school bullies, keeps derailing his efforts. Jas has no interest in getting involved, but events and Wren's overpowering personality draw him in until there's no going back.

Best Books for Kids & Teens

The Tomorrow Tunnel

Thistledown Press

Every time Ashleigh tries to read a book she bought at a garage sale, she falls asleep and dreams. And when she wakes up, the thing she dreams happens. That is scary enough, but when Ashleigh dreams her sister gets hit by a car, she has to find a way to stop it from happening. (middle-grade)

CLA Book of the Year nominee

Pharaohs and Foot Soldiers

Annick Press

Learn about 100 jobs people did in ancient Egypt such as professional mourner and Pharaoh's sandal bearer. Illustrations by Martha Newbigging.

Red Cedar finalist; OLA Best Bet Book; Resource Links Best Books List; Silver Birch finalist

Summer of Suspense

Whitecap Books

Originally written as an online serial story for CAGIS (Canadian Association of Girls in Science), this book follows a group of science-loving girls as they stumble into adventures and mysteries. Science experiments pertinent to their adventures accompany the stories.

Orca Currents &
Orca Soundings 

Orca Book Publishers

Short edgy novels for teens who think they don't like to read. Reluctant readers love them and avid readers wish they were longer. 

Bank Street Best Books of the Year; YALSA Quick Pick Nominees; Top Shelf Fiction for Middle School Readers; CCBC Best Books for Kids & Teens; 100 YA Books Too Good to Miss List; Chocolate Lily Award Winner

Everything is Hard

Anna LoCastro (Author)

Kristin Butcher (Illustrator)

My first foray into illustration. It feels strange to see my art -- instead of my words -- in a book.

Available through Amazon

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