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      When I first embarked on the journey to tell Maeve's story, little did I know it would take on a life of its own. But it has. Not only has it grown from one book to three, it has become its very own world. (Well, within my mind anyway.)

      So it only makes sense to devote a page of my website to it. In addition to all the behind-the-story stuff, there are tons of other interactive features for you such as ...

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The Story

      The Seer Trilogy tells the story of Maeve, a thirteen-year-old girl living in Celtic Ireland around the year 1000 AD. Hers is a terrible life, but since it's all she's ever known, she doesn't think much about it. Even so, it bothers her that she is different from everyone else. She sees and thinks strange things—things she doesn't understand—things she doesn't share with anyone but Declan. Too late she realizes she shouldn't be opening up to him either.

      The three books of the trilogy follow Maeve as she gradually discovers who she is and what that means. (For Ages 9-13 though grown-ups will like the books too.)

The Characters

       The main characters of The Seer Trilogy are Maeve, Bradan, and Declan. They appear in all three books, so the story is basically built around them. In addition, there are many secondary characters such as Queen Ailsa, King Owen, Enda, Bran, Ciara, Deirdre, and Riasc Tiarna, who also play important parts. Finally there are numerous tertiary characters and those who briefly wander in and out of the books but still play vital roles.


      Because I am an artist as well as a writer, I can't resist trying to draw the characters the way I imagine them. The drawings are posted as Trilogy Cards on the EXTRAS page and you can buy the whole set or win them in challenges offered in the newsletter.

The Books


Druid & the Dragon

Book I

Available Now!


Bridge of Whispers

Book II

Release Date:

October, 2021


Sorcerer's Revenge

Book III

Release Date:

Autumn, 2022

(Not the actual cover)

Available at your local bookstore as well as

Crwth Press, Amazon, Chapters/Indigo, Barnes & Noble and other online booksellers.

Book l -- The Druid & the Dragon

     Maeve is a simple farm girl who daydreams when she should be doing chores. She gets lost in her own wild imaginings so often that people think there's something wrong with the girl who sells eggs in the village.
     Maeve meets a Druid seer who tells her she has the gift of sight and offers to help her develop her gift. But Maeve has a hard time believing there is anything special about her--until a dragon foretells of danger to the kingdom that only she can overcome. 
     With war on the horizon, Maeve must dig deep within herself to dis­cover who she really is and what she must do.

Thank you to Paul Coccia for creating this wonderful video.

Listen to what the old hag says about Maeve.


In the Druid and The Dragon, Maeve's adventures take her many places. A map at the front of the book helps you keep track of her travels.

excerpt from p. 187 ...

"Maeve pulled her gaze away from the Norseman and glanced skyward. Riasc Tiarna was winging toward them. But would he reach them in time?"

What It's Like To Be A Beta Reader
When authors finish writing a book -- before they send it off to a publisher -- they often get everyday people to read it first. The reaction of people who buy books is key in knowing whether the novel is on the right track. And if you're writing a book aimed at readers from 9 - 13, it's a good idea for that audience to be among your trial readers. Watch the video below to find out what one young reader thought about the beta reader experience.